Saturday, January 21, 2012

RADical moments

I haven't blogged, mostly because I feel heard, supported, and most importantly UNDERSTOOD by trauma mamas I've connected with from Orlando. I heart Orlando.
But just because I went to Orlando doesn't mean our lives are no longer RADical. I mean, we live in an RV. We have 400 square feet of RADical. We have 24/7/365 of RADical. I just whine about it less, on my blog anyway.

Recent moments:

☹ May I just say I should not have to buy diapers we're out of because 1) he's 9 and 2) we've stayed at Walmarts (in the RV) the last few nights so we literally LIVE there & he's not mentioned it each time we go in & shop?! Argh!

♥ My daughter was acting really weird and I started to poke fun, remembered that's not nice, and realized she was feeling love! So I've been singing about how much she really loves love she just is afraid of loving love and she's saying noooooo but smiling and singing too.

♥ Guess what?!!! I'm the "yes-sayer!" I've always been quick to say no. Mom always told us no before we could even ask and I tend to to the same. Lately I've been REALLY focusing on saying yes. My son wanted something and asked me first, I said, yes. He said "Yes! I knew you'd say yes, because you're the yes-sayer"! LOVE! :)

☹ Why why why why cant I remember to expect trouble?! We move *ahem* very often so we always have a transition day of general badness and I expect it. This time we were busy on moving day and loved exploring (we're in the middle of nowhere in the desert) then had visitors the next day so I let my guard down. Ugh! The day after was our crap day and it took me by surprise, again. Halfway through, we both say ohhhhhh that's why they're insane today. Argh!


MRK said...

wish you'd blog more! going to Orlando this year myself for the first time. I get it.