Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You first

Thought of the day: You know how Christine is always saying we can’t not do what we ask our children to do? (Yes, I hate her too.) But I’ve been thinking about all of us. The same way we simply want our kids to ACCEPT our love, that we freely offer NO MATTER WHAT they are/say/do… God loves every one of us NO MATTER WHAT we are/say/do. EVEN IF we have a horrible day of yelling, we shame our kids, we push them away, we think terrible thoughts, we say hurtful things… He still loves us. Period. We beg our kids to accept that, yet we think how could God love us when we’re struggling so bad, or ready to give up, or have given up, or don’t give him a second thought. He’s still there and he still simply loves us. No matter what. Think about this the next time you frustratingly tell your daughter “Will you PUH-LEASE just realize we love you NO MATTER WHAT?”
You first.