Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lessons RAD teaches about God

Along the lines of my RAD-inspired post about God loves every one of us NO MATTER WHAT we are/say/do, tonight another RADical thought hit us.

All we want is for Em to love us and let us love her.  But she's so busy hypervigilantly trying to do this, be that, say this, don't say that, all to be perfect enough for us to not send her away.  We simply want her to CHILL and just BE. 
It struck us that God wants the same thing, for us to just be. Love Him, let Him love us.  Simple. 

I think about Mr, who is attached now, and very cuddly with me, and I love when he comes up for a hug.  Even though he rushes off and bounces off people, is rotten, chooses not so wisely, and generally drives us crazy, he comes right back and makes my heart happy with another hug.  That's all I want.  Simple.

God loves us and looks forward to those moments.  There's no list, no attendance, no checkmark, just be.  Love Him, let Him love you.  Em doesn't trust that and tries to earn it, in vain.  Mr trusts and just (as the kids say) bes.

I love that our RADical kids show us our poor attempts at earning God's love.  Just be.  Love Him, let Him love us.  Simple.