Thursday, August 14, 2008

do you have any resources (as in short, explanatory letters) for teachers of RADicals??

the letter on the nancy thomas site is incredibly long and i'd prefer a shorter version. i've been through two years of trying to briefly explain RAD to em's teachers and now mr is starting school. i already feel sorry for his teacher. :) i'm (kinda) over the frustration part, but i know he'll drive his teacher up the wall trying to figure out why he's so freaking smart and so dumb at the same time. i don't want to overexplain, and i feel less need to have the teacher working directly with me since i (kinda) have a handle on it, but i do want to give an idea of the issues they'll see.
do any of you RADical parents have a good resource? i have a long email to one teacher i may be able to edit down. fortunately, i no longer feel the need to explain why i do things differently than most moms (i just don't care anymore and fortunately i have thick skin), so i won't need to defend myself like i have in the past. but i would like to spare his teachers the frustration of the WHY he does what he does. of course he also has coordination and sensory processing issues, so it may be a lost cause. i guess when they see that he scored in the 99th percentile in verbal reasoning, but only in the 1st percentile in non-verbal skills, they'll realize his poor brain is being pulled in two directions! it's going to be a long year. :)


Laura said...

Hi there

I'm the mom of a 6 y.o. boy with RAD, and found the following resources helpful.

(for teachers)

(more general)

Each fact sheet is only 1-2 pages and gets right to the heart of the matter.


Alyssa's Mom said...

I can't help you out with a shortened version, I always print out the NT letter and just modify it.

Why don't you just save the NT letter to your computer and then edit to your satisfaction?

Good Luck!