Sunday, August 31, 2008

i hate stupid people, but it could just be RAD

i just met a lady who must have been a RADical child. we're camping this weekend, & i just gave the kids showers at the campground showerhouse. i left my towel there to bring them back & i went back to shower. a lady stole my towel, but the stupid thing is she didn't say oops sorry thought it was mine. she said no it's mine i brought it with me. i said come on! it's obviously a white towel that was turned mostly pink on accident & you're telling me you just happened to accidentally do that to yours exactly how i did it to mine? "well it's mine" was her clever retort! i said i dont care if you keep the towel that's fine (really wasnt it was my fav!) but that's ridiculous don't you think? her friend pointed out to her that she had 2 & of course she said yeah they're both mine.
man, now i'm just hoping she can't afford towels & she's just tickled pink (pun) over this major score. so now i'm heading back & we'll see if anyone takes the new zealand all blacks towel! no way can they say they also have a friend from nz who gave them a rugby towel! course i think i'll keep it close or i'll be walking back naked. :)
so i either hate nonsense lying or stupid people, maybe both.


familygregg said...

That is unbelievable. I know three adults with this same problem. I wonder if you bumped in to there must be more than a handful out there. Here's the question....why do they gravitate torwards me?

Christine said...

How crazy! You handled it well though.

Heather said...

That is weird and hilarious and kind of scary all at the same time! You seemed to handle it well - not sure what I would've done.