Tuesday, August 26, 2008

if only we could share his self esteem!

cj's always been quite sure of himself. not sure if that's just natural or if we've pumped him full of believe-in-yourself-ness, but he's always believed he's the best at everything he's ever done or thought of doing. :) we've even *tried* to knock him down a few notches in some areas, like singing for example. he always wants solos and such and the boy can't sing at all, he's really bad. now dad and i can't either, so it's not a "you're not as good as us" type thing. it's more "God hasn't gifted you in that area so you should really concentrate on the other areas." anyway, he's so sure of himself, he doesn't believe if we tell him he's not the best. talk about indestructible self-esteem!
now he's playing football and isn't doing so well. he barely plays, yet he insists that he's the starting center. well he is, but for the third string! so trying to get him to work harder, get the coach to notice him more, and see reason, i explained that third string was the worst team. he said no, just the other two teams play then we play. but no matter what we say, football, singing, whatever, you can NOT convince this boy he's not the best. he does work very hard, so it's not just arrogance, it's just through the roof self-confidence.
dad said it would be awesome if we could give just one ounce of that to em and mr. with those two, you can NOT convince them they are even half way good at anything. polar opposites in the confidence area. they're both talented, cute as can be with blue eyes and dimples, and em sings like an angel, but neither has a lick of self-esteem. dad thinks it's in the negative numbers. :)
anyway, yet another interesting difference between the children in our home.


familygregg said...

Yeah my girlie really struggles with this. She has the hardest time starting an art project for example. It took her almost an hour to put the first brush stroke onto her plate at ceramics. And writing a paper....forget about it. She is paralized. I taught her how to do a story web for everything. I think you just gave me a new post idea. Thanks :)