Tuesday, August 19, 2008

open house

look closely, this is the deceivingly sweet face of a boy who will be driving his kindergarten teacher mad! we had open house tonight and they had a ball seeing old friends. i chose to just meet n greet his teacher (i hadn't met him yet) and i'll fill him in a little more tomorrow. i heard him tell another parent, (who just said she's afraid her son won't sit down) oh that's fine, they'll all get used to it and be just fine. i'm thinking, well maybe not *quite* all of them! i do know he's (usually) good at church, although his teachers there are aware of his background and are just amazingly sweet. i'm hoping school goes well, but i know he'll be frustrated because he won't get all the concepts or be able to do everything, which will lead to acting out. so i figure i'll lower my expectations so i'm not disappointed. :) he was in sensory overload tonight with so many people and noises all around, i'm sure it'll be an issue for a while during the school days. i had to pick him up and rub his back to help, he was just flopping around acting all nuts. i hope he'll get used to it!
em was surprisingly happy, even bragging a little to her friends that she was homeschooling. i think it helped that today i told her more fun activities we could do. for her first math, we'll bake cupcakes (measuring, adding, temperature), put on icing (maybe patterns or textures), then add and subtract with the sprinkles. :) so she was happy to see friends, and sad to leave them, but still seems excited to be home, so that's good. hopefully it'll be a smooth start to the year. oh, i said lower my expectations. then hopefully we'll just survive the beginning and see how it goes. :)


Maggie said...

School is definitely a challenge. Slugger learned to trust/like his teacher last year quickly, so he listened to her and behaved reasonably well for her. (Usually.) But, lord help the substitute teachers. Whenever there was a sub, Slugger was a terror in the classroom. To the point that I considered asking for permission to school him at home whenever there was a sub. But he's got to learn to accept that change.

I hope your kiddo has a good experience with his teacher. And that his teacher has the right mix of empathy, understanding, patience, and yet isn't too permissive.