Saturday, August 23, 2008

somebody stop the poopness!!!

ugh, a 4th day in a row of mr pooping his pants! i'm not sure i can go back to living with potty issues again! i thought those days were long gone. :( i might need to buy a plug!
i can't post a picture of that, so here's em at her soccer game. i'm a little worried because she had another bad (lazy) game. i'm hoping it was just hot (it was) and she was tired, but the last two games were really bad. the reason i even wonder (cause she's not all that!) is that she was highly praised (even winning an award from her coach) for her aggressiveness. so i wonder if it's a self-sabotage effort to keep her from being good since she doesn't feel good (about herself). i hate not knowing if it's simply the heat or if it's the rad!
we had another long day of 2 games and 1 practice for 3 kids in 3 different places. it ended up being a fun one though (except the poop part). the grands are in town, so the kids are in spoiled rotten heaven.