Thursday, September 4, 2008

a RADical vacation that was mostly radical with lower case letters!

alrighty, finally a few minutes to blog! we had a doozy of a camping trip this weekend that was a blast with very few RADical issues! of course the usual nonsense crap, no logical thinking, loving all the strangers, and all the things that are more like givens than symptoms we hope will go away! but those don't phase us nowadays. :)
but there was kayaking (by dad only), rafting (a surprise for us all one day, ack! but fortunately dad knows his stuff and it was great), hiking, repelling, swimming, and of course my favorite, picture-taking. :) no major incidents besides the crazy towel thief lady. mr even had one day of waking up dry (celebrated with candy of course)!
the kids did tear up the camper in the short time i indulged in a shower (with a new towel) so i was SUCH a nice mom that i didn't mind waiting for the kids to clean it up before we went to do something fun. i'm just so nice like that.
em had a ball and she's had a few more crying and not knowing why spells, so i think her hard heart is just beginning to crack! once mr's cracked boy it was insane! emotions spilling out all over the place getting everything all messy. :) em will be similar i'm sure! but we're ready for ANY emotion from her!
mr has a new i'm afraid to go to sleep routine at night now. not sure what happened there. he does do this from time to time but we haven't quite figured it out. might stem from a scary movie, but the one he watched was so tame. they've seen REALLY scary ones (before they came to us of course), but all the slasher ones, freddie, jason, chainsaws, they were exposed to all that (before age 3, that's sucky parenting for you!) so being scared at night and bad dreams were dealt with from the beginning. but it's cropped up again for some reason and we're trying to be patient, but it's so annoying when you have logic.
i can't remember another thing from our trip, so either i'm really tired, i've repressed the memory it was so bad, or our RADical vacations are getting to be more normal!
here are some pics if you're bored!


CJ Merrell said...

Yay! -- you had a vacation.. cool!

It's so random sometimes when my radical does show emotion.. like crying to a song or looking at a picture of himself.. I'm like "hunh?" followed by "Oh yeah.. this is what you & emotions look like.. gotch ya.. " -- takes me

familygregg said...

I looooove seeing normal emotions. It's what keeps me going.