Friday, October 17, 2008

bridging that darn gap!!!

for all my wonderful RADical moms, heather forbes (beyond consequences) wrote a great post and i can't believe i missed it! she GETS the missing piece and seems ready to really address it and help us poor struggling crazy women understand the mysteries of the HOW of RADland. we get the why and the what, but the how to reach their little suffering brains is what's hard, at least for me. anyway, she sees the contrast between the brain research people on one end who get the theory and the struggling parents on the other trying to get how to love (and live with) their children. she's asked for input about what's needed to bridge that gap so please go check it out and let her know what would help you.
i know many of you have really appreciated the peace from understanding the fear in our kids as heather teaches. it's brought an amazing peace over our house, even in the chaotic times. we're no longer hopeless! anyway, please check out her post and make a comment there if you have any suggestions! (please do, i know so many of you get it better than i do!!) thanks!