Saturday, October 18, 2008

the slumber party!

almost forgot to share about the slumber party (partly why i'm so tired!) em and i had a very fun time! she enjoyed it and even cuddled with me during the movie! not normal! it helped that we were tired and cold, but she was very appreciative and sweet, like a real girl (shut it, yeah i said it, it's my blog). we did the usual family movie night with pizza and the whole fam. then we watched another movie, ate popcorn, then went upstairs to her room. i painted her nails really well. she did mine, not so good. i had to go out like this tonight too! but we sat close together for a long time facing each other and talking so it was all good. my other hand's worse, but i can't take pics left handed. :) anyway, then we played barbies for a while. man those clothes are hard to change. and just goofed around til we dropped. then we layed in bed talking about nothing, but talking. not stupid nonsense questions, or hard to digest therapy yucky stuff, just talking. it was great! and on a funny note, we slept in this morning and she didn't wake up once all night! she ALWAYS gets up multiple times to go to the bathroom, sometimes to get a drink, sleepwalk, scary dream, etc. , but always goes to the bathroom a few times. but nothing last night, thought that was interesting. whether it was we didn't drink much or she was super tired or she woke up but felt safe for a change i don't know, so i'll just file it under interesting.
now of course the boys want a slumber party. it's hard to explain that they don't need one in the same way em does. not quite fair i know, so we'll come up with something, but i need my sleep too! anyway, it was fun and was a nice way for me to connect on a lower key than my usual. and it was very encouraging to see her that relaxed that close to me. just goes to show the only way i'll help her is for ME to do better. that's so hard. but worth it of course. and last night was a great peek at what mother/daughter could feel like.


Diana said...

Ah - I'm glad to find your blog as well! What most people don't realize is how immensely significant stuff like this very "normal" and rather uneventful mother and daughter slumber party really are. What a wonderful thing for the two of you to share together. Yeah! They're what keep us going, aren't they??

farm lady said...

Oh, those fun things that we "get" to be proud of as moms.....from unique Christmas gifts to big dangly earrings bought by little boys for their mom to not so neat manicures.....wear them proudly! They will be gone before we know it!

Alyssa's Mom said...

Manicures - got to love it! I went to a wedding with more paint on my skin than on my nails. But!, Alyssa was so proud!

Glad you made some happy memories!