Thursday, December 4, 2008

art class and bracelets

dad does the boring part of school with em (the part that requires patience, cause i'm kinda low on that). but i get to do the fun stuff, science, art, and anything i can make fun, low pressure, bonding, and un-school-like. i thought em would really dig making beaded bracelets, so had planned to do that one day soon. on thanksgiving, her aunt gave her a huge box of beads, so we began! besides hand-eye stuff, which she needs, i'm sure there are things she's learning, color combinations, patterns, sequencing, whatever, it's fun! she's made some cute ones, and even made me one, which i proudly wear always (like now, even though it's blue and i'm wearing red & black). and isn't she festive in her santa hat?? :)


familygregg said...

She's also learning to make gifts....which is huge. Taking time to make things which will honor others. We are beaders over here. It's absolutely theraputic and FUN!