Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas eve, something new: gratefulness

the kids got to open their secret santa gifts tonight. they drew names again between the 3 of them. (and no they haven't worked out the math yet, to realize they should know who got them!) they did a great job of picking just the right gifts for each other! (they were actually thoughtful!) and all were very happy AND grateful! (didja year that? grateful!) they even gave each other hugs and SAID thank you. it was honestly a little weird! a good weird, but weird nonetheless. but i'm grateful that they were grateful!
we're always nervous at christmastime because the past few years we've gotten such RADical comments that it's just heartbreaking (both for us to hear and for them to think). but this year was GOOD! good all around. we're very thankful for such a great holiday!


Perspective is Everything said...

Yay! We did good on Mr's bday, but Christmas this year got pretty ugly. At one point he asked my brother, "So where's my present?" And then we go through all the stress of too many toys to play with...