Friday, July 17, 2009

what a perfect picture (literally) of therapy!

In AT, Em amazed us and I had to take a picture. Even her therapist was amazed at how she grasped all this mental stuff, it was freaky. Em was supposed to set up a sand tray to show anything about love in her family. She said this was her old family. The Jesus (because there were no other men dolls!) was her Grandpa (her one safe relative who died and she talks of often). In the red trunk is her love and in the black one are her emotions. Both are locked, with flies on top because it’s so dusty and old, and a fence around it and guards posted!! Isn’t that so sad??? But wait, there’s more. Her therapist asked her to show love in her new family.

The second pic is me (I fell off the bench thing during the pic!) and I’m sitting but I kept getting up to peek in the trunk. The guards are now gone and the trunk moved around a bit and most of the flies gone. She keeps them shut, but they’re not locked and once in a while, I peek in! She doesn’t like it when I do that, and she tries not to let me, but I just keep trying and she doesn’t mind too much, once in a while.

That’s EXACTLY what we’re trying to do with therapy and all the mentally exhausting things we do all day every day, but it’s working! I had to share the pics because it’s amazing how a 9 yr old can grasp this. Hopefully one day she’ll do more than logically understand it, and will feel it, but she’s beginning!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! This must feel like such an awesome milestone!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

How fascinating. I remember when we looked at drawings our children made in therapy. It was revealing.

Diana said...

Yeah! Gotta love it when they finally start to get it! Hope things are still going well for you. I've been way out of the loop for awhile and am just now starting to catch up.