Sunday, August 23, 2009

another great picture (literally) of therapy and progress

it’s so neat seeing em's progress in a drawing! in AT, she had to fill in a circle of her life, picking emotions she felt now, half happy, some love, some mad, little sad, lots of blank (which is sad itself, but true). but then she did her old life, and it was mostly scared, some sad, some blank, and a dot of happy. but it’s more, and there IS love, so we’re getting there!! :)


Cupcake Mama said...

My oldest drew a picture shortly after she moved here with us. On one side, there was circular scribbling with an orange crayon that was eratic. There also was lot of blank spaces. At the top it said "My life before".

On the other side she had simply filled in the whole side with purple crayon so that no blanks were visible. At the top of that one it said "My life after".

It spoke so many volumes because it was inconsistent with her words and behavior.

It's great to see isn't it?

Perspective RAD said...

coolness <3