Saturday, October 10, 2009

we've adopted another!

noooooo, not a child, a dog, though around here they're not so different. since our syd died in feb, we've been wanting another dog, but not the responsibility of a dog (especially the puppy stage!). but last week, we were visiting dad's family and his sister offered us a dog, super calm and affectionate, house broken, ~2 years old, so past the puppy stage, but young enough to play and grow up with the kids. we discussed the pros and cons, help with attachment, but harder to take trips... and the pros (and cuteness) won!
we brought him home that day and surprised the kids. i've NEVER seen them that grateful! they're having a ball and isn't it ironic (don't ya think?), they're helping jack attach to our family. :) we explained how he misses his family and his doggie friends there, remember how you felt scared and sad when you first came here? and they're helping him with love. :) our RADical kids helping our new radical dog. (i do hope he's not really RADical and gets over his homesickness quick!)
i wonder if i should assign them certain words to say, feelings to discuss, nurturing times, rocking times, massage, music & movement, therapy, oh wait, yeah he's a dog...
meet jack! yep, just like in little house on the prairie, they loved that even more!