Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sarcasm, character, and sulfuric acid - kinda random

interesting day in RADland. i tend to forget my RADicals don't do sarcasm, which really stinks since i love it. but today i slipped. i was peeling an onion and mr asked if it was hard.
i said, well it's not rocket science.
he said okay, but is it hard??
*sigh* no, mr, it's not hard. rocket science is hard, this is easy, that's what i meant.
oh, okay. (said as one wondering why i brought up such a stupid reference)

i always wonder if the kids are learning what we mean to teach them. today the boys refused to help em do some work because we want her to build character. we told her it was to build her character but she still got mad!
poor em.

today i put sulfuric acid in the kids eyes to teach them a lesson for homeschool! does that sound mean? yeah, we chopped onions & learned why it makes you cry! (i didn't actually put anything in their eyes, drop the phone and google it). fun lesson! :)