Tuesday, December 29, 2009

another great pic of em's heart!

I may win her heart yet. This is from Em's sand tray in therapy today. Bad news is her heart is HEAVILY guarded and I’m the queen way at the end not able to get near it. There's a stop sign, a fence, a police car, closed gate, row of trees, skulls, and a wall guarding it! Good news is she thought in a year I’d be as close as the first fence around her heart (that's pretty close!) and shows that she wants me to get closer. And that 3 years ago I was all the to China away!! So I've come pretty far and gotten a lot closer. So, progress, in the sand. :)
Em doesn't like to talk about "love stuff" but when she gets to set up a sand tray she really comes to life and says things I can't believe and with such depth. It's wild!