Monday, March 15, 2010

thanks to RVing, my online worlds are weirdly intersecting!

because of this upcoming RV trip, life, whateveryoucallit, my online worlds are colliding. :)

i've got homeschoolers here who RV there, RADical moms here who homeschool there, just homeschoolers, RVers, and RADicals here, there, and everywhere!

in my real RVing life, i see andrea from posting on the families on the road site about heather forbes. in my real twitter, see the happyjanssens meeting up with christine from (who i hope to meet at her RV park one day!) in my real facebook, i have RADical moms who RV and/or homeschool.

i keep this blog anonymous because i don't want my kids' names associated with my whinings, to keep me from dumping on my real life friends (uh, and strangers) all the time, and to keep my pretty public real online life separate from RADland. but as we work toward hitting the road, my worlds keep bumping into each other.

and everyone's all twittering and facebooking and i'm not sure which ME to share!!!!

so i feel like sending you all there, but i need a here to rant to from time to time. but maybe i'm too busy to rant anymore. busy following new friends all over the web with two personalities. yeah, crazy!


Shanti said...

i can only imagine how tiring it must get!