Wednesday, August 13, 2008

fyi, we're out of oranges :)

yep, as expected, it'll take a while for the kids to realize the food is really, really, really always going to be there! can you die of a vitamin c overdose?! :) em did ask (a few times) if she could eat in the middle of the night and i assured her she could, but fortunately she didn't need to. even though she did sleepwalk a few times (but that's a whole separate post!) i guess the next food we leave out should be a little less yummy. :)


4BoysMom said...

Please share the sleepwalking post! We have four boys - 2 RAD - and one is the sleepwalker who has "blessed" more places in our house that I want to know about. Doesn't help to have him use the bathroom before bedtime. Last night it was the waste basket - YES - one place we CAN clean up. Thanks for the blog - wonderful idea!