Wednesday, August 13, 2008

our little sleep walker

i was asked to share about our sleep walker. it goes in cycles and right now it's every night. i'm so tired! a funny video follows my babbling!
so em walks in her sleep. she actually got in trouble a few times and i later felt pretty bad when i finally figured it out. you can NOT tell she's doing it, it's freaky weird. but it's not an act and she doesn't remember it at all the next day. she can carry on conversations, follow directions, she could probably go to school and do fine! but she can't quite answer questions if you're really direct. i thought she was being difficult at first, but now realize she can't think, cause she's actually asleep! so weird!
last night i knew she was, but she argued and said she wasn't. (i know, a good RADical mom knows not to ask, but i was mostly being sarcastic - which i also know not to do, so that's not a very good defense eh?) so i asked how old she was and she had no idea, but guessed 13. :)
fortunately our house is old and loud, so i can hear her coming down the stairs. we quit telling her the funny stories hoping not to somehow unconsciously encourage her to keep it up, but it continues.
HERE'S THE FUNNY PART. and this is just one of the many funny ones, just one i happened to catch on video. back in april 2007, she came down and went into the bathroom (as she does every night) but i noticed she seemed to be too low and peeked in to see her peeing in the trash can. it's RIGHT beside the potty, i mean inches. ugh. so as a good mom, i grabbed the camera so i could show her the next day. :) no, i didn't film the potty part! just the rest of the conversation about hand washing and tooth brushing so you can see the madness. she seems awake, even giggles about being awake, but clearly isn't awake!!

see the video here:

it's big, around 38mb, so hang tight. if it doesn't work, try a different browser. it also might play better if you right-click and save as to your desktop and watch once it's finished. and sorry, tech support is now closed. :)


CJ Merrell said...

My son did this too when we first got him. It totally freaked me out!

latemama said...

That was too cute! I have a bunch of blogs. - is mostly about RAD and a bit more, - has some of the more humorous happenings and things I just have fun with, - is our home school journey. I think these apply the most.