Friday, August 22, 2008

there he goes! *sniff*

my last one headed off to school today (wahhh). mr was very excited and yelled school day!!! as soon as he woke up. we couldn't find one of his shoes, doh! but duh mom, OF COURSE one shoe would be missing on the first day of school. that is totally my bad for not expecting that. i should have planned that out last night. responsibility blah, i know better. but i didn't stress (or make it stressful for others, my specialty), i just had him wear his old shoes. no biggie!
i did send my picture with him in a special pocket just in case he misses me. i'm still amazed that he thought he might (as he never has before). but school's a big deal for him, so hopefully he'll miss me just a little before gets lost in all the fun. cj was being a very good big brother and giving him tips and said he'd be sure he got to the right place. he freaked when he saw the bus. i'm so glad i got a picture! they jumped up and down and hugged and ran for the bus. it was so cute. *sniff*