Friday, August 22, 2008

what is the deal with the poop??

so mr had a great day at school. found some friends he knew from soccer, loved lunch and recess, enjoyed his teacher and his class. BUT (pun intended) he pooped his pants again! what on earth?!
i sat down to have a sweet conversation (he said he did need to look at my picture once in the morning - say it with me - awwww!) and i smelled it. (mind you this is a good while after he got home)
mr, did you poop?
just recently?
at school?
and you sat in it all day?
(me getting tired of the conversation) were you afraid you'd get in trouble if you told your teacher?
well you won't buddy. next time you just let him know and go clean it up like you do at home. they'll have extra undies there and everything. remember em used to pee every day and she never got in trouble. (oh the memories)
it was as if i'd asked him about the weather he was so nonchalant. i don't like poop.

on a more positive note, em had another good day of homeschool. the picture is em working on her multiplication tables with sprinkles before she decorated the cupcakes (during which we worked on adding fractions, measuring ingredients) . ignore her hair, it was a mess from the pool. yeah, we spent the day at the pool, okay? i'm sure she learned something there too. maybe that 45 minutes of swimming feels shorter than the 15 minute break? i *am* quite the teacher, thanks. :)
on a less interesting note, we have 45 trees in our one acre yard. that seems like a lot. i've always wondered and em needed to review counting with tally marks, so there you go.


Ann said...

Eww! I sympathize with you. It is hard to be calm around this particular behavior, and the whole BREATHING thing, well, it's harder too! ;-)

But your days with em are going nicely, sounds like. She'll get over that feeling that she's missing something as long as she feels safe at home with you. Keep up the great work! I love reading your blog!