Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the moment it clicked... love

i think i mentioned this once, but i wanted to share the sweet moment when my little mr finally felt love. for over a year in therapy we've worked on "feeling their feelings" because they just don't comprehend feelings. they kinda sorta get happy, sad, mad, and scared (though they often confuse mad and sad and they can't identify them on my face or make them on theirs). but we've added love as one of the feelings to work on. i've shared that mr is doing much better in the attachment department. he really enjoys the regressive stuff and has been just a sweet little toddler (though he's 6) and loves that kind of attention. geesh, long set-up...
anyway, one day we were acting silly, and i was being sweet, baby-talking, cuddling, encouraging, can't remember what was said, but he was into it.
giggling and almost concerned, he said mommy, i feel like i'm going to explode inside?!
i said mr! that's what love feels like! you're feeling love right now because i'm giving you lots of it. doesn't it feel good?
he said wow, yes!
it's so hard to fathom growing up and never feeling that feeling. not even understanding what it is. never feeling a good emotion welling up inside of him like that. but he's learning. my poor RADicals. i just hope they get it and hang on to it tight!
i just love to read about a-ha moments! hopefully we'll have more around here. please share if you have any too!


ali said...

so awesome! i will never forget, 2 years ago, jack & kendyl were in the sandbox together. the wooden borders of the box were kinda high and at one point she fell backwards.i heard him gasp and saw him catch her in mid air. "good job!" i said. he said, "my heart jumped" i said THATS WHAT LOVE FEELS LIKE. he said "ohhhhh" we still talk about it!

CJ Merrell said...

I really have a hard time wrapping my brain around their reality... blows me away.. 80

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing! Very touching story.

familygregg said...

You made me cry. That's an awesome story.