Tuesday, September 9, 2008

more RADical blogs, i need more! :)

i have some links to some of the RADical blogs i've found or been pointed to (thanks so much!) on the left side over there. << i love being sad and happy with total strangers who are dealing with the same stuff i am. mostly because no one in real life gets it, it's nice to have some pretend friends who do. i've learned and have been encouraged greatly by many of you, thanks! if you have a RADical blog or know of others, please share! if the idea freaks you out a little, go make an anonymous one. i'm SO glad i did. it's free therapy for YOU. and if you're a RADical parent, we all know you need it more than your kids! :)
by the way, is RAD the only disorder in the world where the parent needs the bulk of the training and support because it's pretty much their job to fix it??? hmm, your homework: share any RADical blogs and ponder that question!! :)


Dinah said...

feel free to add my blog...I know I'm late getting on to this post. We just have 1 little RADical and he's a great kid...but they all come with challenges. I share some RAD stuff a lot of other things too!


FaerieMama said...

Feel free to add mine, too. Like you, I'm collecting them right now..lol ( RAD blogs, that is) Mine is: