Monday, September 29, 2008

my little girl felt good enough to be bad! yay (i think)!

today em wanted a snack (or she'd dieeeeeeeeeee), so i said it's almost dinner time, but since i don't want you to die, you can have raisins. (she hates raisins and was bored, not hungry). after whining (and doing 10 pushups for whining) she went to look for the raisins. she came back and said they were gone (i heard her rustling the bag they were in and had seen them earlier so i knew they weren't gone). so i said i'd be happy to help her find them. to my surprise they weren't in there! so i moved some things around and found them hidden behind a box (in a non-accidental place) and was completely SHOCKED. i said wow, i'm very surprised that you lied to me and hid the raisins. she said i didn't. i said i didn't ask if you did, i know that you did, i'm just surprised. i heard you and know you did it. and she was shocked that i knew and hung her head and admitted it.
now, as a RADical, you know that telling lies isn't out of character. BUT for em, hiding something, doing something sneaky and conniving, is WAY out of character. if you've read her (very long) bio, she is a perfectly perfect perfectionist who is afraid to do anything bad for fear of having to leave.
so i'm thinking a possibility is she felt secure enough to take a chance on being rotten! to lie about something ridiculous is a RAD thing. to lie to stay out of trouble is a normal thing. to be sneaky and rotten i think is a normal thing too! *i* would have done that as a kid! :) i really think she (at least at that time) felt like a normal kid that just wanted a yummy snack instead of yucky raisins so she tried to figure out how to tricky that mean mommy into it. and she forgot to stop and think oh, i could do that but if mommy catches me, she'll make me leave like before.
i'm sure some RADicals are sneaky, but my RADical is SO not! it was so out of character for her that i really think it meant something. might not last the rest of the day, but i'm claiming it as a good moment!
oh, and the pic is of her caterpillar friend who spent the day with (mostly on) her the other day!


Alyssa's Mom said...

I think it is a positive sign too!

We are weird aren't we? Celebrating the fact that are kids are being naughty(normal naughty though)!


CJ Merrell said...

YAY .. she lied.. only a RAD mom would say that.. LOL.. :) sneaky & sweet! Way to go! It took me forever to get past the lying.. My mother was a stickler on lying.. But I've had to let that one go.. I do much better now. Now, my son is like.. "mommy- the other day when you were in the other room, I got into the knife drawer".. :O I'm like thanks for telling me the truth.. the cart before the horse..

latemama said...

Yes - she is feeling safe enough to be naughty. We were told it would get worse before it got better. You are making progress!

familygregg said...

Yeah. I so get that that was a good moment.