Friday, September 26, 2008

our hysterically-giggly-when-she-feels-feelings girl, and our proud boy

whenever em starts to feel love, she gets insanely giggly. like a weird maniacal completely out of control fit of the strangest laughter. it's a little scary, and quite annoying, especially if *i* am feeling love! (cause many of you know as a RADical mom you just want to GET to feel love sometime, dangit!)
tonight at dinner we were all just talking quietly and enjoying each other's company and she broke out into the crazies. she couldn't figure out why and we told her she was feeling love and that just scared her brain and she didn't know how to handle it. we said we'd keep giving her love and eventually she'll get used to it. but still, knowing why doesn't make it that much easier to tolerate. and while annoying, it's also just depressing knowing that she really doesn't feel loved like an 8 year old should.

yesterday mr had OT and mr jeff (therapist) really praised his behavior and self-control (yay!) with a good explanation and examples. so of course i gave lots of pizazz about that and he was all proud (something he's really digging lately). when we saw dad, he said mom tell dad what mr jeff said! so i said very excitedly that mr jeff said matt was really good today! but that wasn't enough. mr said mom, tell him all the other stuff too! :) it was so cute. i'm so glad he's finally feeling pride!


FaerieMama said...

Wow! My daughter does the same thing. She gets positively giddy and outrageously silly when she feels love. I never realized that the reason might be her being scared of the feeling because it is new. I ( assumed it was just an overflow of emotion. I think your reasoning makes more sense!