Monday, November 24, 2008

aw, well not so much...

so i didn't have the heart to post the negative yesterday! i wanted to stay focused on the positive and my sweet little mr's words that give me hope that they'll both really heal one day. and i still am focused on that, but had to share my not as sweet and cuddly em's response.
we went to both services (because the drummer's so cute!) and em went to her class in the first and missed the boys' comments. so during the second service, i told the boys their turn was over, let's let others have a chance. i told em they'd said some really sweet things they were thankful for and asked is there anything you're thankful for? (and i cringed cause that's a silly question). she (very flippantly) said nah. aw, brought back to real life.
i still had a great moment, just had to share the RADical side! :)


Diana said...

Gotta love the ride! :-/ We've had a few of those moments around our house lately as well.