Monday, November 3, 2008

rejection, the selfish part of being a RADical parent

i love the words from my fellow RADical mom about the frustration of parenting a RADical child. yeah it's hard and there are things to do and there is hope and we'll all keep on doing it as they heal (of course or why would we bother blogging?!), but i just love the way she expressed the part that hurts my heart in this whole process. check out the link below to read the whole thing. and don't try to fix it, they're just thoughts (and that's so annoying). i just love how she worded it!

"It is truly the frustration of loving a child and that child spending every moment of their life rejecting your efforts. It is the frustration of having a child appear to attack you and abuse you (verbally and in some cases, physically) every waking moment. It is the frustration of dedicating your life to their healing and everyone judging your parenting skills and assuming you are off your rocker."

read the entire snuggle time post by queen mommy at my radical family


Dinah said...

Yes, I can so relate. When I forget he's not healthy brained and lean down to give him a kiss and he looks at me like, "What the Heck!??!" Or the times when he pinches my face...oh ya, the joys!

FaerieMama said...

Yup, I can relate to. When I feel really rejected I think, "wow, this is probably how I make God feel alot of the time" gives me a little perpective in those bad moments!

Leaders In Learning said...

So true and I've felt this pain alot in this past week. But we have to acknowledge the pain and focus on the joys, right? Sometimes, we look long and hard to find them but they are there if we look.

Alyssa's Mom said...

So true!

But wow, when they finally accept your love - PRICELESS!!!

Hang in there.

Brenda said...

It is so true. It hurts no matter how many years you do this. But at the same time we really do get why.