Wednesday, February 25, 2009

our poor old dog, this will be RADical

We'll be saying goodbye to our dog Sydney today. :( She's sick and in pain, and not treatable. She's 11, so very old for a boxer, and I know it's the right thing to do, but that doesn't make it easy. I let cj stay home so the kids could love on Syd today “just in case” she doesn’t last. I don’t think I can tell them, cj could handle it, but mr and em are still too insecure to understand we’d never do that to them.
This’ll be tough for our RADicals. Em’s already started in on making fun of us for being sad. It’ll be SO hard for me to be nice to her through this I’m afraid, but I’m trying to be ready, I know it’s not her fault. But again, doesn't make it easy. This will be their first loss of someone they're close to here. Cj was close to his great grandma, but the other two weren't yet. Em and mr lost their grandpa before they came to us and they really seem to miss him. So no idea how this one will go. Oh I'm just dreading this. :(


Hannah said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! :( I am a huge animal lover...with 3 dogs, 3 cats and an African Grey. I just can't imagine having to make that tough decision AND deal with RADical behaviors on top of it. Lord, give them strength and peace.

Torina said...

I am so sorry for your loss!

Alyssa's Mom said...

We had to make the decision to put our dog down too.

Tia was a little Pomeranian that was our princess. She has been gone for almost three years and I still mourn for her. She provided comfort to us through many rough times and losing her was awful!

I feel your pain and will remember your family in my prayers.