Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sometimes you get comfy and forget to expect the poop to hit the wall, literally

i'm so missing RADland! getting ready for a BIG trip and hope to catch up soon. but i had to whine to someone who will get why this is so annoying! normals (no complaints, it's my blog) think ew yuck, but THAT is not the issue. it's the you should have KNOWN part that is frustrating.
k, backing up. mr and i had a GREAT date at bob evans (great down home cooking restaurant). he was nice, polite, fun, even neat (and he's never neat) and it was just a great evening just the two of us. so of course good RADical moms would expect the ball to drop but i forgot to be wary!
yes, that night we find a LOT of poop on the wall in the bathroom and all three kids have noooooo idea how it could have gotten there. the poop part didn't bother me (much), the lying part didn't either (much), but the fact that I SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED IT does bother me! i should have been ready. i would have reacted much more patiently. i just hate it when it (the "it" we all fear) happens and i'm caught by surprise. argh!
okay, i do feel better now, thanks! ;)


familygregg said...

Whiplash. That's what we call it. I feel so stupid when I am surprised. And then when I forget again.....the next boggles my mind. I think it has something to do w/hope. Our hope outweighs everything else.

Christine said...

Yup! Yesterday I was surprised and reacted when my gal used a pony tail holder to put a knot in my hair. I let her "do" my hair, and I KNOW to only give her a brush. Anything else, and she'll do some major damage (unless I keep a mirror on her the whole time).

Just felt like such a doof!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh no, with a title like that I had to check it out LOL! Familygregg is right I think, you let yourself have hope. You have to have hope, but sometimes you also gotta look for the poop on the wall too. Was it at least artistic? Points for use of color?