Friday, May 22, 2009

disconnected, in real life and online!

we're on an extended vacation out of the country withOUT the kiddos and are missing them dearly! the grands are there with them, so they're having a ball. as RADicals, of course they're not missing us too bad (sniff) though mr did give me a "mommy i don't want you to leave" the day before we left, which i LOVED to hear!!! em didn't seem to mind at all. cj was cuddly as usual. so we've been on and offline, mostly off, as it's very hard to find internet here in new zealand. we've emailed and called the kids some (over skype) and it's been great to hear their voices. i think it's a much needed vacation, but quite long and dad and i are ready to get back home. which is a great feeling actually! just like our RADicals, for us to miss them means we're connecting too. meanwhile we're having a blast seeing australia, new zealand, and we'll visit the cook islands next. then head home! and maybe, one day, i'll catch up on all my blog reading! :)


Perspective RAD said...

Gday' Mate! Hope you guys are having a blast. I usually miss my boy after a couple of days. Have fun!