Sunday, February 21, 2010

who's the victim?

do you ever have (well duh, of course you do) those moments where you feel why me? but then you stop and remember, why them? today we were getting ready to leave (calmly, talking softly) and still their brains didn't work, logic is just out the window. how do you open a door? why can't i wear summer clothes? how do you tie shoes?
and i thought why me? why do i have to put up with complete ignorance simply because we're leaving like we do daily? and then i thought why them? they have to live with that! i have to deal with it, they have to live with it.
they have to live knowing they completely lose all control and intelligence simply because we're walking out a door. looking from their viewpoint, that would SUCK! i was actually amazed that i could see from their viewpoint so clearly, and quite depressed for them. but much less depressed for me, so i'll take it. i've heard it and heard it, but today i felt it, finally.


Diana said...

This is a most excellent post! It's also very timely for me. We've had a rather tumultuous few days at our house with both our RADlings. Let's just say our exit out of the house yesterday was less than graceful. I had my sheilds up and was able to shake a lot of it off (even though I was exhausted and had a killer headache after the drama was over) but my husband expressed a lot of these why me's? Why are we back in this place? I'm going to send him a link to this post! Thanks for sharing.