Friday, February 19, 2010

more therapy pics

just some more pics from em and therapy. this one AMAZED the AT and me! if you remember, she did a sand tray of her heart and it was heavily guarded (see it here). well her AT asked her to do a tray of her heart one year from now. and check this out! i am still a queen (yay) but look how close i am! and i've defeated all those defenses (those are bones lying all over!) :) there's simply a fence around her heart, and an electric fence, but that's it. but look how close she thinks i'll get!!!!!!!
and this is just a "draw how you feel" thing from another drama queen fit during math. as a fear-driven perfectionist, she puts a lot of pressure on herself!


FaerieMama said...

wow. I was just reading back some of your posts I missed. Dont know how I missed this one. Soooo powerful. THanks for posting the photos.