Saturday, May 8, 2010

if you want to follow our adventures

i post our normal family stuff without any RADical references on our family blog. i don't want references or names or links to this blog from there, because i want the kids to not feel like they have a label attached to them. i don't know if it matters because they DO have a RAD label attached! but *i* need this blog to be able to share (vent) about RADical issues with others who GET it. i can tell i haven't been posting here for a while, because i feel mad that people don't understand that my kids have issues. when i find myself wanting to say "i know you can't see it, but i'm not crazy, my kids are" then i know *i* need therapy. unfair. but so is them having to live with it, so i'll deal.

so our blog is at ww w dot lun dy 5 dot com. squish that all together, i didn't want it searchable.

and yes, there life is good and we have no RADical moments. wouldn't that be cool? please respect the kids' pretend normalness there, but i wanted to share our journey with you all. thanks!


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