Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I hate pee

I don't care the reasoning, the cause, the subconscious, how I should respond, or even the stinky laundry piling up, I just hate pee. I do, I hate it. I'm tired of it, tired of cleaning it, hate it.
My 10 year old, you know, the one I just bragged about (and stupidly breathed easier about), the one WITHOUT the plastic sheet (cause I expect it from the 8 year old but I should have guessed), she woke up completely soaked with no idea why. It's pee dear. And it's because I had hope, just fyi.
Do you know how to clean a thin foam mattress? Cause I don't. Guess I'll be learning in the morning if I indeed get out of bed, which I'm considering not doing now.


Adrian Roberta said...

Just stumbled on your blog after MY DD (adopted 09) peeed HER foam mattress 2 mornings in a row, so I hope you get some advice, cause I need to tooo

(I'll be checking back later) (-:

figgy said...

About your pee question...

my step daughter has RAD as well with lots of pee episodes

we have found that dousing the mattress with hydrogen peroxide and putting it outside kills all the germs and the smell...

good luck

Loving the Mommy Life said...

I hate pee too. I found that a baby mattress was the easiest thing to clean. I'm not sure about getting out of foam. I used to by some stuff called "Kids and Pets" at Walmart that would take pee out of anything, but I can't find it anywhere any more. :( Praying that your day gets better!

Christine said...

I love pee.

I drink pee.

I put on pee for perfume.

I ... oh, not even I could get through that with a straight face.


Love and hugs.

Pee sucks.

Hedgetoad said...

Try putting it outside in direct sunlight after "washing"

Miz Kizzle said...

Nature's Miracle is an excellent product for removing pet pee odor (and probably human pee, too, although I have never had to contend with that once my kids were out of diapers as babies.)
I'm amazed and horrified by the pee stories from the RAD moms. What's that all about, anyway? Is it fun for them to pee all over their bedding and in inappropriate places? Is it a form of protest or self loathing? It just doesn't compute with me and yes, I know how lucky I am that my three are "normal."
(That's a word people used to describe relatively problem-fee kids back in the Dark Ages.)