Thursday, January 6, 2011


I did not yell ONCE today. *bows* AND I had a migraine AND the kids were being loud (AND don't forget we live in a small space) BUT I didn't yell. AND my daughter asked if we could have a sleepover together soon, just the two of us. :)
I know some of you are great at staying regulated and couldn't imagine yelling at anyone, but I'm, well, not. But I'm working on it... and it's actually getting much easier... thank goodness!


waldenbunch said...

Yeah for you! That's great! Little steps for everybody.

Christine said...

"I know some of you are great at staying regulated"

I have yet to meet anyone who is great at staying regulated. Finally running a 5K was PEACHES compared to staying regulated for me.

Don't put that guilt on yourself that you're not as good or miswired, or something. It's a b****! :)

BeckyJoie said...

Good for you! Great job! Go mamma.